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Check before you dig

Did you know that three-quarters of the breaks to underground pipes are caused by an error or negligence of the people doing the excavating? Around your house, there may be essential underground systems that you and your neighbors rely on, including gas lines, power lines and television cables.

What to do before you dig

Before starting any work that requires digging, be it to install a pool, fence or patio, submit a locate request to:

You've hired contractors to do the work? Ask them to perform the necessary checks. Every broken pipe requires the fire department and the natural gas distributors' emergency service to intervene.

Depth of the natural gas lines

The depth at which natural gas lines are buried varies. While the pipes themselves do not move, the contours of the land where they are located may have changed over the years. You should therefore dig either manually or with vacuum excavation equipment to check first, so you can avoid damaging any underground structures.

For more information and to know what factors you need to take into account when planning and carrying out your work, refer to the following guide .

Working within a right of way or prescribed area